Things To Know About Fantasy Football Before Starting Your Team

Fantasy football is a statistics based game where players compete against each other by drafting and managing football players. Participants draft their team before the start of the football season. Fantasy football is a season long competition, though there are multiple contests that players could participate in throughout the season.


The origins of fantasy football can be traced back to the 1960s and California businessman Wilfred Winkenbach. Wikenbach collaborated with others to develop a system that would be known as fantasy football.

The Basics

Filing Out A Roster

The number of players on a fantasy football team differs depending on which league you are playing in. The average fantasy football team has 15 to 18 players on it, which includes a starting lineup and a bench.

Making Your Lineup

Every week, you’ll submit a starting lineup. Your starting lineup should be made based on which match ups give you the best chance to be successful. The number of players in a starting lineup varies according to the league that you are playing in. One of the most popular starting lineups is one quarterback, two backs, two receivers, one tight end, a defensive unit, and one kicker.


The scoring system varies depending on the league that you are playing in. A popular system awards points in a similar manner to actual football scoring. A touchdown is worth six points for the team and a field goal if worth three points. In some leagues, kickers can get more points if they make a field goal that is longer than 50 yards. Offensive players can pick up points based on receiving, rushing, and passing yards. You can lose points if your quarterback throws an interception, or if a running back or wide receiver fumbles the ball. Defensive players earn points based on the number of points that the defense gives up, along with points for turnovers, sacks, and defensive touchdowns scored. Sacks are normally worth one point while turnovers are worth two points. Individual game winners are based on the points that the pro players accumulate on the field during game day.

Determining A Champion

The playoffs are normally held at the end of the regular season. The fantasy football playoffs are similar to the professional football playoffs, as the winners of each round keep advancing until the two best fantasy teams meet in the championship game.