Exciting New Daily Fantasy Football Is About To Get Started

Alright you have probably seen the ads for all sorts of daily fantasy sports, and now since football is fast approaching you need to get ready for all the excitement. People who play fantasy sports love how you can guide a team all year long playing general manager just as if it seemed so real. Now the thrill is even much better because instead of managing a team all year, the daily fantasy sports is much different.

Fantasy Football

Instead of a year long season where you are matched up in a league either head to head play or rotisserie style where you play all the way until the end to crown a champion, in daily play you get a winner each week. Well that is how it works in football since daily means weekly play. If it were baseball then it would be each day.

Basically in regular fantasy sports you draft your team and that is mainly who you are stuck with for entire season, unless you make free agent pickups or trade away players. In daily leagues that are very popular now everything changes each day. With daily fantasy football you are placed in a league that changes every week, additionally you get to draft a new team each week.

People are who stat geeks love these daily leagues because you are trying to predict who are the players that will perform best in that one game. It is one game season for all the player involved and the owner who gets the most points will win money. In some leagues that can be very substantial.

If you are unfamiliar with daily fantasy football but can feel all the excitement you should enter a league right now and read up on the instructions. Football is quickly approaching, so what are you waiting for? Join daily league today and win some cash!

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